Q: Is IEEE having Scopus Indexing?
A: Yes

Q: What is the conference ID?
A: 55413

Q: How will I get confirmation of acceptance for my paper?
A: Through email after verification of all details

Q: How will I know whether my registration process is complete?
A: You received confirmation on your registered email id.

Q: When and how will I get my confirmation of registration for co-author/attendee?
A: Through email after verification of all submitted details.

Q: How to calculate Registration Fees?
A: Refer to Registration guidelines.

Q: What is the link for registration payment?

Q: What is the method of payment?
A: Online Payment, UPI

Q: When  and how will I get my fee payment receipt?
A: Through email at the time of confirmation of registration.

Q: What is the date for early bird registration?
A: 21/10/2022

Q: Can more than one co-author register?
A: Yes

Q: Do all co-author need to register separately?
A: Yes. If they want certification

Q: Can more than one author present an accepted paper?
A: Yes. But, Registration is mandatory for co-author

Q: What is the procedure for presentation, Time and mode?
A: You can choose an online or offline mode of presentation. Schedule is communicated by mail.

Q: Can I submit my guide’s IEEE membership to avail benefits of registration?
A: No

Q: How can I submit my copyright form?
A: e-Copyright Submission: e-Copyright link is enabled in your CMT login and you need to submit the ECF form after checking the paper title and author names.

Q: Does the copyright form have to be submitted by co-authors as well?
A: No.

Q: What happens when an author signs the IEEE Copyright Form?
A: Ownership is transferred to IEEE.

Q: If I am unable to submit valid proof for any mentioned categories (IEEE membership,  Mode of attendance), will my registration be cancelled?
A: No, you have to pay the remaining amount before the deadline for registration

Q: Is substitution possible?
A: No

Q: Is payment refund possible? What will be the procedure?
A: Yes. Refer to registration guidelines.

Q:Is payment from all authors by one person is valid or not?
A: Yes.