IEEE PuneCon 2022
Conference Committee




Ms. Aruna Katara, President, Hope Foundation and Research Centre

Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems

Chief Patron

Ms. Amrita Katara, Managing Trustee, Hope Foundation and Research Centre

Mr. Girish Khilari, Chair, IEEE Pune Section; CTO and Director, Elliot Systems

Dr. Pandurang Kamat, Chief Technology Officer, Persistent Systems


Mr. Saikrishna Bennuru, Executive Secretary & GM-Finance & Operations, Hope Foundation and Research Centre

Mr. Dinanath Kholkar, Chair, Industry Relations, and Member Development, IEEE Pune Section; Senior Vice President & Global Head, Analytics & Insights, TCS

Prof. (Dr.) P. B. Mane, Vice-Chair, IEEE Pune Section; Principal, AISSMS IOIT, Pune

General Chairs

Prof. (Dr.) Vaishali V. Patil, Principal, Hope Foundation’s, International Institute of Information Technology, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Ingle, Chair, Computer Society, IEEE Pune Section

Organizing Program Committee Chairs

Dr. Sujay Phadke, Cloud Automation Center of Excellence, Persistent Systems

Prof. (Dr.) Varsha Degaonkar, I2IT IEEE Student Branch Counselor

Prof. (Dr.) Vivek Deshpande, Conference Chair, IEEE Pune Section

Organising Secretary

Mr. Dinesh R. Joje, Registrar, Hope Foundation’s, International Institute of Information Technology, Pune
Advisory Committee

Prof. (Dr.)  Dattatray Jadhav, Joint director DTE, RO, Pune

Prof.(Dr.) Karbhari Vishwanath Kale, Vice-Chancellor, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.)  Manohar G. Chaskar, Dean, Science & Technology, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.)  Pramod Patil, Associate Dean, Science & Technology, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.)  Prafulla Pawar, Registrar, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Shaligram, CEO Research Park Foundation, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.) Mukul S. Sutaone, VC, COEP Technological University, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Varsha Hemant Patil, BOS Chairman, Computer Engineering, SPPU

Prof. (Dr.) Dr. Dattatraya Bormane, BOS Chairman, E&TC, SPPU

Dr. Anant Haidale, Vice President, Head Human Resources, Tata Consultancy Services, North America

Prof. G.S.Mani, Execom, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. Dattatrya Doke, Advisor, IEEE Pune Section 

Dr. P. K. Sinha, Advisor, IEEE Pune Section

Mr. Mandar Khurjekar, Execom, IEEE Pune Section

Mr. Narendar Reddy, Manager at Delta IOT, Telangana, India

Mr. Raja Mahbubani, CEO, Theta Controls Pune

Mr. Vishwas Mahajan, Founder – Whizible. com

Mr. Vishwanath Patil, Deputy General Manager, John Deere India Private Limited

Steering Committee

Prof. (Dr.) Risil Chhatrala, HoD, E&TC, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Ajitkumar S. Shitole, HoD, CE, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti Surve, HoD, IT, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Rakhi P.Wagh, HoD, ES, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) S. M. Mahalakshmi Naidu, Associate Professor, E&TC, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Madhuri S. Reddy, CEO, I2IT, Pune

Mr. Jagdish Choudhari, Chair, SIG AA, IEEE Pune Section

Finance Chairs

Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Varpe, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Amar Buchade, Treasurer, IEEE Pune Section

Website Team

Coordinator: Ms. Vaidehi S. Banerjee, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Abhijeet Khurpe, Chair, Website, IEEE Pune Section

Member: Ms. Minal K. Badgujar, I2IT, Pune

Ms. Shruti Ajgaonkar, I2IT, Pune (Backend)

Publicity Chairs

Prof. (Dr.) Risil Chhatrala, HoD, E&TC, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Reena Pagare, Chair, EMBS IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Limkar, Vice-Chair, Conference Committee, IEEE Pune Section

Ms. Madhushree Kelkar, Persistent Systems

Technical Program Committee

Coordinator: Prof. (Dr.) V. Rajesh Chowdhary, I2IT, Pune

Dr. Neha Sharma, Secretary, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.)Sandeep R. Patil, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Ravindra P. Joshi, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Sarang Saoji, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Bhavana Kanawade, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Anjali Jagtap, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.)  Virendra Shete, Chair, Education Society, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.) Vinayak Bairagi, Chair, Signal Processing Society, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Somani, Chair, Student Activity, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.) Mandar Bhawalkar, Chair, PES-IAS Chapter, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. Tushar Mote, Chair, SIG Smart City, IEEE Pune Section

Mr. Prashant Joshi, Chair, TEMS, IEEE Pune Section

Mr. Hrishikesh Agashe, Persistent Systems

Mr. Umesh Puranik, Persistent Systems

Mr. Dattaraj Rao, Persistent Systems

Ms. Reshma Godse, Persistent Systems

Workshop/Tutorial Chairs

Prof. Ashwini A. Jarali, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Ashvini N. Kulkarni, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Manjusha V. Amritkar, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Rajashree Jain, Execom, IEEE Pune Section

Dr. Surekha Deshmukh, Execom, IEEE Pune Section

Registration Team


Prof. Mahesh Waghmare, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Kimi Ramteke, I2IT, Pune


Prof. (Dr.) Smita Nande, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Bhagyashri Thorat, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Rupali Yeole, I2IT, Pune

Publication Chairs

Prof. (Dr.) Dipak Uploankar, I2IT, Pune

Prof. (Dr.) Amar Buchade, Treasurer, IEEE Pune Section

Prof. (Dr.) Ankita Dhone, I2IT, Pune

Hospitality and Logistics

Mr. Mohan Swaminathan, I2IT, Pune

Mr. Onkar K. Bhistannavar, I2IT, Pune

Mr. Mahesh Jathar and Team Systems, I2IT, Pune

Prof. Sujata Virulkar, I2IT, Pune (for coordination)

Prof. Keshav Tambre, I2IT, Pune (for coordination)